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Federal and State Workers Compensation laws were established to provide wage benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and other benefits to workers and their dependents injured on the job or who acquire an occupational disease.  For most business owners, Workers Compensation insurance is mandatory.

Our team of professionals will manage your Workers’ Compensation insurance policies, ensuring that your company is in strict compliance with the laws and regulations which govern it– whether you operate in one state, or all fifty.
Envision Business Strategies TM has developed one of the strongest Workers’ Compensation and Safety Programs in the PEO industry.

Our experience and expertise is backed by a proactive approach concentrating on returning employees to work quickly, processing claims smoothly, and awarding companies for implementing strong safety programs.


One Step Claim Reporting – When an employee is injured or reports a work-related illness, the team of professionals at Envision Business StrategiesTM will manage the claim from the initial report to final settlement.  Our claims reporting process is uniform and consistent, and promotes accurate fact gathering, documentation, evidence gathering and preservation (as necessary), and ensure that our clients are in full compliance with associated rules, regulations and laws.

Cash-Flow Friendly Premiums – In order to preserve operational cash-flow, Envision Business StrategiesTM offers you the option of spreading out the cost of your Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage.  This eliminates the need for making a large, up-front payment to the insurance company, thereby preserving capital, providing greater control of cash and credit lines,
while improving the balance sheet.

Best Price Negotiating – Whether you are negotiating to buy a new car or a full-suite of insurance products, you want the best deal you can get.  With more than thirty years’ experience negotiating with America’s largest and most prestigious insurance companies, the experts at Envision Business StrategiesTM guarantee that our clients receive the best price available, period.

Status Report Filing – Whether your company has operations in one state, or all fifty, there are federal and state regulations which require the filing of timely and accurate Worker’s Compensation Status Reports for all on-the- job injuries and illnesses.  The Envision Business Strategies, Inc. claims management program includes in-house expertise with reports and
associated compliance requirements.

Certificate of Insurance Processing – When entering agreements with other business entities, you may be asked to provide a proof of insurance certificate (or certificates). Rather than track down multiple policies (and multiple agents), let Envision Business StrategiesTM provide you with the certificates you need quickly and efficiently – with just one call.


Clients of Envision Business StrategiesTM can achieve the best results possible from their Workers Compensation investment by utilizing our staff of professional consultants.  As leaders in Workers’ Compensation management and risk mitigation techniques, we offer services delivered by a national team of experts that will help you mitigate risk, meet or exceed all federal and state rules and regulations, and reduce your overall Workers’ Compensation program costs.

Our consulting expertise includes the following:

Loss Prevention Inspections – At Envision Business StrategiesTM, we believe that loss, injury, and illness are often preventable.  Our team of experts will develop a plan tailored to your specific needs, including safety training programs, employee occupational safety and loss prevention.  Our inspectors are available to travel to your work site and audit/inspect your work area, documenting specific items which might be improved, resulting in costs and risks.

OSHA Requirement Consultation– Envision Business StrategiesTM . can arrange for OSHA to send an on-site team of consultants to your worksite, who offer free and confidential advice to businesses in all fifty states. Consultations are totally separate from enforcement and do not result in penalties or citations.

Onsite Loss-Control Evaluation – Envision Business StrategiesTM will work with you at your place of business to conduct a full evaluation of on-site risks, as well as an overall survey of your property to assess the safety of your physical assets.  Our team of experts also works with clients to evaluate the risks and advantages of implementing new technologies and/or processes, and will review your loss history to identify trends.  The final report document you receive from this service includes a comprehensive set of implementable suggestions that will make your workplace safer and reduce your annual Workers’ Compensation premiums.

P.O. Box 99434, Troy,
Michigan 48099

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“Envision Business Strategies allows us to compete head to head with larger companies when attracting great employees.”

Paul, CEO

“We had many PEO’s compete for our business. The Envision offering was more comprehensive than just the standard PEO mix.”

Lynn, VP H

“While a new company in the industry, their experienced team exceeded our expectations giving us the confidence to go with their solution”

Allan, President

“Knowledgeable, capable, and honest! They mirror our values, completely!”

Michael, Managing Partner
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