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Corporate Wellness – An Introduction

Too often a business thinks about corporate wellness as a part of its health care insurance.

  • Insurance Premiums
  • Co-Pays and deductibles
  • Rising claims

In many small to medium sized businesses, owners believe healthcare insurance companies manage corporate wellness. Think about that for a moment.

Do health insurance companies have an incentive to keep claims low?
How do they make money?

At its core, a corporate wellness strategy should be about KEEPING your employees healthy. They are the ones who generate your product and deliver services. They are the ones who turn prospects into customers. Through their productivity and efficiencies, they are the ones who control profits.

Can a sick employee produce as much as when they are healthy? Can they effectively contribute to the rest of your team when they are ill?


Corporate Wellness – The Whys!

The amount you (employers and employees) pay for health care increases every year. Ironically, the number of sick people doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon.


Our lifestyle has a lot to do with it. In all, 35-70% of total health care expenditures are attributable to poor lifestyle choices (15% due to physical inactivity, 20-25% to poor diet, 30% if you use tobacco). What’s more, the lifestyle choices we make in our 30s and 40s have a profound effect on our health when we’re in our 40s and 50s.

What if you could pinpoint potential health problems when they’re still small? What if you could avert the onset of diabetes, cancer, hypertension or any major disease or disability?

What if you could learn today how your family, friends and co-workers could reduce or reverse migraines, diabetes, menopausal symptoms, acid reflux, obesity, high blood pressure and more?

Envision Business StrategiesTM is the country’s leading Professional Employer Organization in bringing wellness solutions to America’s small businesses. We are the first PEO in the country to offer:

  • Low cost wellness solution addressing physical and mental components.
  • The most comprehensive health risk assessment for use by any company and its employees.
  • Some of the nation’s top experts in various medical conditions as medical advisors.
  • Innovative, results (not profit)-oriented health coaches in our offices.
  • The latest groundbreaking wellness news and solutions.

For us, wellness isn’t just a nice idea.

Because it’s about your future with your family, friends, and co-workers, it’s a commitment we at Envision Business Strategies TM have made a top priority. No other PEO in America cares about your health…your future…like Envision Business StrategiesTM.

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“Envision Business Strategies allows us to compete head to head with larger companies when attracting great employees.”

Paul, CEO

“We had many PEO’s compete for our business. The Envision offering was more comprehensive than just the standard PEO mix.”

Lynn, VP H

“While a new company in the industry, their experienced team exceeded our expectations giving us the confidence to go with their solution”

Allan, President

“Knowledgeable, capable, and honest! They mirror our values, completely!”

Michael, Managing Partner
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