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At Envision Business StrategiesTM, we know that the task of running payroll can be a time-consuming, low-return operation. Unfortunately, if errors are made, payroll can quickly become a nightmare, resulting in federal and state penalties, as well as the loss of key employees.

The payroll experts at Envision Business StrategiesTM have the experience and focus to process your company’s payroll accurately and on-time, every time. We do this by assigning a dedicated Payroll Specialist that understands your account and your individual needs. Additionally, our Payroll Specialists use “EBS Complete” TM, a revolutionary program which supports the entire range of PEO functionality, providing our clients with the ability to submit time sheets, access administrative reports and maintain employee PTO accounts – all through a convenient and easy to use web interface.

Our clients rest easy in the knowledge that while they save time and money by outsourcing their payroll administration to Envision Business StrategiesTM, they are also reducing business liabilities – no matter in what state they do business!


Once time sheets have been submitted to our payroll specialists (via phone, fax, e-mail, or web), Envision Business Strategies TM offers clients the choice of paying employees via physical checks or using direct deposits.

Once Envision Business StrategiesTM runs your company’s payroll through our revolutionary software, it is distributed using one of the following client specified processes:


Employees’ paychecks are mailed to the client site(s) via standard business delivery services (i.e., FedEx, UPS, and United States Postal Service etc.). Paychecks are delivered complete with signatures and include a pay stub, which details items such as gross income, taxes, deductions, insurance, garnishments, or charitable contributions. Paychecks arrive pre-inserted into individually sealed envelopes and are ready for distribution.


With direct deposit, the employee never sees or handles a check; instead, once a direct deposit account has been established, Envision Business StrategiesTM funds are electronically transferred directly into the employee’s checking or savings account. A specific direct deposit account must be set up, with authorizations for both the transferring and receiving institutions. Concurrently, Envision Business StrategiesTM mails pay stubs to the client site(s) via standard business delivery services. Pay stubs serve as notice that the direct deposit transaction has taken place, and include details such as gross income, taxes, deductions, insurance, garnishments, or charitable contributions. Pay stubs arrive pre-inserted into individually sealed envelopes and are ready for distribution. As another option, Employees may also receive their pay stubs via email.


Envision Business StrategiesTM knows that the cost of managing forms increases every year due to increased personnel costs as well as the ever-increasing demand imposed by state and federal agencies. In this case, increased cost means more paperwork, which in turn results in more administration time spent reading, completing, processing, transferring, referencing, and filing these payroll related forms. Regrettably, these issues only increase as a company expands its operational footprint nationally, as each state poses different issues in terms of requisite payroll related forms, calculations, and regulations.

Offloading the administration of these payroll related forms to Envision Business StrategiesTM, ensures our clients become more efficient in their everyday operations. Even more important, they are secure in the knowledge that they have implemented a system which assures compliance with state and federal regulations on forms usage, administration, and retention.

The Envision Business StrategiesTM; library of industry standard forms is available in English and Spanish, and includes:

  • W4 Forms
  • Federal, State and Local Withholding Forms
    • Including Calculations for all 50 States
  • I-9 Form

P.O. Box 99434, Troy,
Michigan 48099

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“Envision Business Strategies allows us to compete head to head with larger companies when attracting great employees.”

Paul, CEO

“We had many PEO’s compete for our business. The Envision offering was more comprehensive than just the standard PEO mix.”

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“While a new company in the industry, their experienced team exceeded our expectations giving us the confidence to go with their solution”

Allan, President

“Knowledgeable, capable, and honest! They mirror our values, completely!”

Michael, Managing Partner
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